Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saturday Sept 8 Crossing the lawn

So - is it OK to walk across someone's lawn when you are going door to door campaigning for your husband? Or do you walk down the long driveway and back up the next one every time?
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Russell I think you are supposed to wear those lawn aerating shoes if you do that.
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Brian I always stayed on the concrete during my lit dropping days. Less chance of doggie landmines.
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Brian Of course if I agreed with said candidate then by all means walk across my lawn, but if its the other candidate, then its criminal trespassing ;)
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Kimberly Concrete
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John Concrete, some people get bent out of shape.
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Primo After talking to a friendly person, I sometimes ask permission to walk across the lawn. (Also, if the driveways are close together and one or two steps on grass would be a significant shortcut, I'll sometimes do that without asking.)
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Derrel Concrete
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