Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thursday Sept 6 I think I might know why Primo is so cranky

I called Primo from work. "Did you talk to your mom and dad yesterday?" I asked.

No, he told me.

Well, there goes that theory. Usually, if Primo is in a really crummy, depressed mood, it's because he's talked to the most self-centered, least-supportive parents in the world. It only takes a few minutes of their whining for him to fall into depression. I can't blame him, although I have better boundaries than he does. With them, at least. Now that I think about it, if my mom is upset with me - which is rare, or at the least, is not something she shows very often, it really bugs me. But my mom is not a mean alcoholic jerk, so I don't have that complication.


  1. Have they donated to his campaign? maybe he's just overwhelmed by what seems like an uphill struggle. (The campaign, not his parents!)

    1. Yes, they did. They donated the maximum - $1,000 - then sent him a poison-pen email a few days later telling him they thought that running was a bad idea.

      You're probably right - he was just overwhelmed. But usually, when he is super cranky, it's because he's spoken to his parents!

      I can tell - without hearing the words - if he is on the phone with his parents or with his best friend. With his parents, he always sounds exhausted. With his best friend, he sounds happy. I have never been wrong on this, even hearing his voice while he's upstairs and I'm downstairs and the upstairs door is closed!