Friday, March 1, 2013

Monday Sept 10 Talking to voters‏

I hope I didn't offend the little old lady with the heavy accent. She told me she was a strong Stripe, so she had no interest in Polka Dot Primo. I shrugged, then asked, "What is your language?" I am always intrigued by accents and always excited at the chance to practice my Spanish, which gets little play here.

She drew in her breath sharply and answered, "English." Then she said, "Goodbye" and closed the door.

Told me.

But she wasn't going to vote for Primo anyhow. Although I still didn't want to offend her.

She was all dressed up in her Sunday best, makeup, hair done, nice Sunday clothes.

I was wearing a skirt and a linen blouse, cowboy boots - I need comfortable shoes for walking, but I hadn't washed my hair. Why? Because I DIDN'T FEEL LIKE IT. And because I was wearing a hat so it's not like anyone was going to see it anyhow. Still, this little old lady shamed me a bit.

Another voter and I had this exchange:

Older lady voter: What party is he, dear?

Me: He's running as a Polka Dot.

OLV: Oh, I'm a strong Stripe. But thank you. [She hands back the flyer.]

Me: Oh, so am I! We don't agree on most issues. But he knows that this district has a lot of Stripes and a lot of Polka Dots and that he has to represent everyone, not just his side. He knows that if he doesn't give my side serious consideration that he will be sleeping in the guest room.

OLV [laughing]: I guess I can take a look at that. [Takes flyer from my hand.] Good luck, dear!

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