Monday, March 4, 2013

Friday Sept 14 Dogs, 2

From facebook

Primo just informed me that he was bit by a dog as he was doing doors today. I am not happy about this, as it is still ten days before I become the beneficiary on his life insurance. If he dies of rabies before Sept 24, I will never get to stop working.
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Gary Call Habish Habish & Rotier. One call does it all.
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Ricardo those are war wounds. Them good for politicians.
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Patrick It'll take way longer for him to actually die, I wouldn't worry at all!
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Me No, I think rabies is pretty fast.
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Me Was bitten. And I, an English major.
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Jeff Gold digger.
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Jeff Um, he did get that bite checked and find out the dog's history, yes?
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Primo It is not serious, Jeff, and the owners are very nice. They're voting for me, and they assured me that the dog had all of his shots. I'm not worried. I appreciate your concern!
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Doug Who's the dog voting for?
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