Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tuesday Sept 25 Primo wants to talk about process and I want to get things done‏

During our regular lunchtime phone call:

Primo: You left me such a long list of things to do that I can't do it! I get paralyzed!

Me: Oh stop. One of the things is just to make a decision about how to do the postcards.

Primo: We need to discuss that together, but you're always so tired when you get home.

Me: We do not need to discuss this. All we need is for you to make a decision.

Primo: We have to talk about it.

Me: Fine. What are the criteria you want to use to decide who should get a postcard? I can't start addressing them until I know.

Primo: I need to show you! We need to work together!

Me: No we don't. All we need is for you to decide what you want and then tell me.

Primo: No! We have to talk about it together!

Me: How hard can it be? You probably only want postcards to go to the people you actually spoke to who got a score of one or two. [Primo rates each voter he speaks to as one to five, with one being a sure vote and five being an absolutely not.]

Primo: You just want to go charging ahead! We have to think about these things!

Me: There is not time! So postcards to the ones and twos, right?

Primo: No! To everyone I spoke to!

Me: OK. Fine. So I'll start addressing postcards to everyone who is scored and not to the Not Homes.

Primo: I don't want you touching things!

Me: Oh for pete's sake. This is not that complicated. But if you want to sit next to me to make sure that I am addressing a postcard correctly based on that really hard criteria, fine.

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  1. Does Primo just feel overwhelmed at times and can't see the wood for the trees? Or is he a world-class procrastinator? A simple thing like sending postcards doesn't deserve this level of scrutiny and discussion.