Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Sept 20 Primo runs into a jerk while he's doing doors

Today, it was Primo's turn to run into an obnoxious voter while he was doing doors. 

Neither of us knows how to deal with obnoxious people without being obnoxious ourselves. You would think we would have perfected the art, what with Sly and Doris. It's sure not like we haven't had practice being around people who are rude and hostile and vicious.

My hostile voter was a Polka Dot. Primo's was a Stripe. Which just goes to show you that this is a non-partisan issue. There are jerks on both sides. I will also say that blesshisheart Primo thinks sometimes that he is on the side of angels, which exasperates me to no end. People are people. Some are good. Some are bad. Good and bad does not correlate to political beliefs. And the Polka Dots, some of whom claim to want to work with the other side, do themselves no favors by casting the other side as evil. Unless they really don't want to work with the other side. I don't know. I'm not a mind reader. I just know that if someone calls me "evil" that I am not that inclined to want to accomodate his wishes.

So he ran into a jerk. A jerk who for sure is not going to vote for Primo and who told him so. Most of the people who are solid Stripes just say so politely as they hand the door literature back, which is nice because it costs 22 cents per piece. Twenty thousand households times 22 cents - that adds up. We don't like to waste the lit. 

Most people are nice. Which makes the mean ones even more shocking.

The jerk told Primo he wouldn't vote for him. Primo said, "I'll let you get on with your evening then, sir. Have a nice evening." He tried to walk away, but the jerk said, "No! Tell me what you have to say. I'm going to refute everything!"

He kept insisting he wanted to hear Primo's arguments, even though he was not interested in changing his mind.

I understand the part about not wanting to change your mind - I do my research and I know what I think. What I do not understand is why someone would want to argue about it. I would like less argument in my life, not more! I already get way too much argument - too much political argument - in my life. Enough! I don't want to talk about politics! Ever! I am DONE with politics!

The guy wouldn't let go. Primo finally just turned his back and walked away. Which is rude, I suppose, but the jerk was being far ruder.


  1. There are a lot of unstable people around. I guess when you go knocking on strangers doors wanting something from them, you have to expect that a few of them will give you something you don't want.

    1. Some people are just nuts. I don't want to waste my time arguing with strangers. If I don't know the person, I don't open my door. And I try to avoid arguing with strangers online, although that's hard because there are so many people who are WRONG!