Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Sept 20 Primo watches his opponent's interview online

A week or two ago, Primo had an interview with some news organization. That was the interview he was prepping for with his campaign communications guys, Potsie and Ralph, where he was worried that his answer wasn't long enough.

He had the interview. Did well. No "ums" or "uhs," but he almost never has that problem. Primo is highly articulate - more than I would like, sometimes - and has thought about the issues. His problem is brevity. If it can be said in 100 words or in 1,000, he will pick 1,000 every time.

He did well. He should have smiled more, but he said he was concentrating really hard on his answers.

His opponent's interview has been posted as well. Primo watched it.

"He's good," Primo admitted. "He's a politician. When they asked him about me, all he said was he'd heard that I was a nice guy and that I had signed the petition to recall the governor."

"That's good, isn't it?" I asked. "It's good that he didn't say anything negative about you."

"But I had plenty to say about him!" Primo answered. "I talked about how he had voted on this and that."

"Well, he has a record. You don't. What's he supposed to say?"

I think Primo might secretly just a little bit have wanted his opponent to say something nasty about him so he could play the victim card. Just a tiny little secret thought. I'll have to ask him.


  1. I'm sure he won't be so nice when/if he begins to see Primo as a threat.

    1. I can't comment on that or I'll ruin the plot!