Monday, March 4, 2013

Friday Sept 14 Let loose the dogs of war

Primo: Guess what! I met Mark Smith [his Stripes opponent] today!

Me: How did that happen?

Primo: I was campaigning in his neighborhood and I guess he got wind of it. He drove around until he found me and introduced himself.

Me: Wow! That's pretty gutsy.

Primo: He's a really nice guy.

Me: Good.

Primo: I found out why he hasn't been doing much campaigning: he's been training for a marathon. He's running it tomorrow. He said that he had noticed that I was a runner, too, so he must have seen my facebook page.

Me: You're not a runner.

Primo: I've run a half marathon, which makes me more of a runner than 98% of the world.

Me: Yeah, but you're not a runner. You're a person who has run two half marathons so he can get a free entrance to a music festival and get some beer.

Primo: I'm still more of a runner than most people.

Me: I guess.

Primo: And then I was bit by a dog!

Me: What?! [Calculating when he had his last tetanus shot - in July - and he complained about it to me for weeks - and then wondering if tetanus shots help with rabies at all.]

Primo: Yeah! This dog just came barreling out the door and bit my arm!

Me: Oh great! You're going to get rabies and die and Imelda is the beneficiary of your life insurance until September 24. Rabies kills in less than ten days.

Primo: I am not going to get rabies. The owners were really nice and apologetic and invited me in so I could wash my arm and gave me water. They told me the dog has all its shots. They even said they'd put up a yard sign - and they have a corner lot on a busy street.

Me: Yeah, right. Did this happen before or after you met Mark?

Primo: After.

Me: Are you sure he didn't call them and tell them to let the dog out?

Primo: I don't know.


  1. But if he did call them and tell them to let the dog out, that's a good thing - he sees Primo (Marathon Man) as a real threat!