Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunday Sept 16 Primo makes me go shopping after doors

I had spent the entire afternoon doing doors with Primo. Doing doors is not how I want to spend my Sunday. I want to spend my Sunday cooking and napping and reading and watching movies.

Not knocking on the doors of complete strangers trying to get them to vote for my husband with whom I disagree.

But I had done it. Even though it was never in our marriage vows. I did it anyhow.

This afternoon, all I wanted to do was go home, get my stuff ready for work the next day, eat something, and get into bed with a good book.

But no. Primo wanted to stop "just for a second!" at some store.

He had to go to an office supply store to look for perforated paper so he could print voter postcards at home.

I suggested he do that on his own time.

He suggested that Office Max was "on our way home" so we "might as well."

Have I ever told you how long it takes to buy bacon with Primo?

It takes forever. Because as an engineer, Primo is compelled to optimize the decision by evaluating every single package of bacon. What if he picks the first one and then there is something better? He wouldn't have gotten the best bacon!

I establish criteria before I shop and buy the first item that meets my criteria. Because I do not like shopping and I do not want to spend hours and hours looking for the Perfect Package of Bacon.

I told Primo that I would wait in the car while he "ran in" to get the paper.

Then MaryJane called.

MaryJane does not shut up. And Primo is very bad about ending a conversation. I told him to hang up! Tell MaryJane that he was busy!

I got more and more ticked.

Primo finally took the phone with him and talked to MaryJane while he shopped.

I sat in the car, read Ask A Manager on my phone, and ate the peanut butter stuffed pretzels I had stored in the glove box for emergencies. And sulked.

I am pissed at Primo.


  1. Can you drive? I'd have left him there. I'd love to hear about your courtship - how long did it take him to decide that you were the one? I think it's the smartest decision he probably ever made!

    1. SK,It didn't even occur to me but I should have done that! I was so angry!

      It took Primo one month to decide I was The One. Ha. You can read about it on the blog. Or you can read the manuscript of the novel.