Monday, March 4, 2013

Friday Sept 14 What really gets sacrificed in a political campaign

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Me I have no idea how campaigning politicians ever have the energy to have an affair.
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Holly I've wondered the same thing myself. And how do they find the alone time?
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John More staff. More Ego
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  1. I'm thinking that the office for which Primo is running probably does not carry sufficient prestige to get a huge staff, and therefore provide sufficient opportunities for an affair. However, you should consider carefully how high up the political ladder you are willing for him to climb. Higher apparently = more opportunity ... just saying.

    1. Webb, I have no interest in national-level politics. I don't even have interest in local-level politics! If Primo did advance, I would worry because he's a hottie and women would be throwing themselves at him.

    2. What? So he's not only got a cute butt, but he's a total hottie as well? That's why even the dog wanted a piece of him. Does he even need to ASK women to vote for him? Step aside, I think it's time I did some doors with him. I'll protect him for you!

  2. Mr Clinton always managed to find the energy and the 'alone time' and he was right at the top of the tree.