Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thursday Sept 6 We negotiate

I still don't want to put up $20,000 additional of our money. Not at all.


I am willing to put up another $5,000 if it all goes to mailings, etc, and not to pay the communications guy.

"Tell him that he gets paid last," I said. "Tell him that he needs to take some risk, too. He doesn't have anything to lose. Tell him he gets paid last if there is money left over and it's not ours. If he's so sure that you can raise donations this way, then tell him to prove it."

I also said that if Primo loses, he has to promise to stay in his engineering job for a year so we can recoup any losses.


  1. Well, it's better than $20k. This is what I would hate - spending a lot of money with no guarantees that you'd get anything in return.

    1. SK, it just turned my stomach. Financial insecurity is my biggest fear.