Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Oct 12 Isn't today really Columbus day? So why was the PO closed on Monday?‏

A few donations have been trickling in through ActBlue, the online campaign contribution site that takes a chunk out of every dollar.

Isn't capitalism great?

There was one for five dollars yesterday. "From an 18 year old kid," Primo said.

"That's so sweet!" I said. "Five dollars is a lot of money to a teenager. It's really sweet that he wants to support you."

Primo sighed. "It's sweet but it really doesn't help."

"You need 100 people to give $5 each," I said.

"Probably easier to find one person to give $500," he answered.


  1. A donation is a donation - whether it's $5 or $500. Somebody has parted with their money for you and your cause. There is no downside to this. Plenty of people are struggling just to get by, so I'd be grateful for any contribution regardless of how small it is.

    1. I know. It was so sweet of this kid to give the money. It made me think of the widow in the Bible with her two coins.