Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday Oct 7 Primo weighs himself

"I'm down to 154!" he said. "I've lost ten pounds since I started the campaign!"

If I hadn't started a diet when I started my job - it's a lot easier to eat less when you are 13 miles away from your refrigerator, I would be within striking distance of my husband's weight.

As in, only eight pounds lighter but five inches shorter.

I am trying to lose, he's trying to keep from losing. Which means I cook fun things like Dutch baby pancake with bacon grease and butter and chocolate chip cookies and cardamom cake and coconut cake with cream cheese frosting. Good for him, not so good for me.


  1. Stress can make you lose weight - but it can also make you eat more. As usual, you drew the short (hopefully, cheese!) straw.

  2. Suddenly, i hate him. he weights significantly less than i do and i am more than significantly shorter! maybe that will be incentive enough for me to lose that 10 pounds.

  3. Honestly, SK and Webb, I got screwed on this weight thing.