Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Oct 13 Various stuff

The canvass with the volunteers was cancelled because of the rain. But Sandy had said he would help and by the time the volunteers called, Sandy was two minutes from our house.

Primo hadn't even showered yet, so I had to stick around with Sandy, whom I like and whom it is no trouble to entertain, but I had my own things to do. Primo and I are going to have to come to an agreement on this sort of thing: I don't think I should  be stuck waiting and waiting and waiting while he showers or goes upstairs to print something. It's Primo's responsibility to take care of his guests, not mine.

This has happened before, obviously.

But the time did give Sandy and me an opportunity to discuss Samantha. Primo met Samantha when she was running Teresa's judicial campaign. (Teresa is Sandy's wife, remember?)

Primo was impressed with Samantha's energy.

But now we know that maybe we should have asked Sandy and Teresa what they thought of Samantha.

I told Sandy that Samantha was no longer Primo's campaign manager.

He nodded. "I don't think we would have won without her, but it was a problem working with her," he said. "She is not organized. She is not a planner. It made me crazy."

We had a good Samantha-bashing session. Well, as good as it can be when you actually like the person but her work is not what you paid $7,000 for.

I delivered yard signs to volunteers. I got rid of all the deliver sheets and maps I created the other day! There were 50 signs to deliver and I did not want to do it. I called people who had said they would volunteer (I had not called these people before - they are not of the dozen non-responsives) and asked if they would do signs.

They all said yes.

I dropped the signs off and dropped postcards off with another volunteer who is a big, big Polka Dot and has all kinds of Polka Dot signage around her house. I called Primo when I got to her house to ask about leaving a yard sign. She is pretty far Polka Dot and it might not enhance his moderate message to have a sign in her yard. We decided not to ask her to put up a sign.

Before I could deliver the signs, Primo had to explain to me how the sign had to be installed - perpendicular to the house, not parallel, or diagonally if the house is on a corner. Deep! At least six inches! Did I get all that?

I rolled my eyes.

We are both pretty tense and exhausted.

Primo saw that somebody had kicked over two of his yard signs on our block. Other yard signs were undisturbed. We don't think it's partisan, because 1. hardly anybody knows who Primo is and 2. if someone is really expressing an opinion about a candidate, wouldn't he go after the Obama and the Romney signs first?

We are pretty sure that Primo's opponent did not send out a goon squad to kick the signs. Primo does not agree with the guy, but his opponent does not appear to be a jerk.

And then I went to the store and got stuff for the fundraiser/thank our volunteers party next Saturday. Almost every fundraiser I've attended with Primo has had crummy food.

If you want people to give you money, you should give them good food.

I asked my facebook friends what foods would make them donate money.

Buttery, fatty, rich foods predominated: cappuccino brownies, little spanikopitas, my grandmother's apple strudel, little quiche.

We're having hummus, the Junior League onion dip, Rotel dip, our friend Julie's polenta cake, the cappuccino brownies, and other stuff I can't remember now because I am exhausted.

Primo and I had a fight about whole chickpeas in hummus.

I will be amazed if we survive until November 7.


  1. The fact that there is an end date in sight, is the ONLY thing that would keep me going. But, if Primo wins, is this going to be your life as a politician's wife?

    1. God I hope not. I can't imagine anything worse except maybe being the wife of a convict.

  2. With some politicians that's a very thin line!