Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Oct 11 Spam and volunteers‏

Primo is getting spam in his campaign email account. Someone wanted to sell him static cling calendars, whatever those are. Because there is nothing like a 2013 calendar to help someone win an election in 2012.

I have called and emailed the people who said they would volunteer.

One. One has responded.

Wait. Two. I called him and he said that he really wants to help but has developed a medical issue that makes it impossible.

So. Two out of 12.

People. If you don't want to volunteer, don't volunteer! That's fine! But don't say you'll help and then blow me off later. You VOLUNTEERED! Primo didn't ask you!

Remember the husband of the friend? The guy who wanted to help? Well, Primo saw him this week and the guy told him once again that he wants to help. So we'll see. I don't know why he couldn't have answered my emails and just said that he wasn't feeling well that week but would definitely be available later.


  1. They must all be suffering from volunteeritis. It usually strikes just when their kind offer is about to be called up.

    1. It was really frustrating. Help or don't help. But don't lie.