Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday Oct 6 Potsie agrees with me that Primo needs to go to the senior center

I emailed the senior center for out town. Primo can go there but can't take campaign literature unless he invites his opponent.

I called the assisted living home in the district, though, and the administrator told me that they don't let candidates in.

Which is crap. Don't older people deserve to meet candidates? When my grandmother was in the nursing home, I asked what the visiting hours were. The administrator told me that there were no hours - that this was my grandmother's home and I could visit whenever I wanted to.

Old people are politically active and interested. And they can be lonely. I'll bet they would love to meet the candidates.

So I have been nagging Primo about going to the senior center at least and he is reluctant, but when he mentioned it to Potsie, Potsie agreed wholeheartedly with me. "Those people vote in droves," he said.

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  1. And, many seniors are mis-informed. When my mother was living in a senior community she would parrot the most outrageous things that the other "inmates" (her description) would have told her. A bit of conversation on why that just didn't make sense and she would often decide to change her mind.

    Primo would be wise to go there and talk with people, even one on one (more productive than doors) to be sure that those voters don't have ridiculous info about him.

    Well, ok, this advise is 6 months too late.