Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday Oct 7 I meet the parents of a friend from the Peace Corps

I knew my friend Dean's mom and dad lived in my town. He visits them every summer, but as yet, he and his wife and Primo and I have been unable to meet up. Not surprising - he grew up here and has relatives and old friends here, so someone he knew 20 years ago in the Peace Corps is low on the list. But I do hope that we can manage it someday - he's a really nice, interesting guy.

When I looked at my walk list this afternoon, I saw people who had his same last name. When I knocked on their door, they answered. "Are you Dean's mom and dad?" I asked.

They were!

And then I told them who I was and they knew because Dean had been trying to get together with Primo and me.

Then I told them why I was there. I noticed on the walk sheet that they are listed as Strong Polka Dots, so I suggested that if they were interested in a  yard sign, we could arrange that. They are on a corner lot, so that's a good spot for a sign.

Sometimes it is fun doing doors.

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  1. Finally, a nice, normal, pleasant encounter! Good job they were on your list.