Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monday Oct 8 Sly and Doris are giving Primo grief because he didn't call yesterday

You know Primo is supposed to call Sly and Doris every Sunday before 4 p.m. their time (that is, before they start drinking). But yesterday, he spent the morning assembling yard signs and then he spent the early afternoon delivering them and then he and I spent the late afternoon and early evening doing doors.

He didn't call them when we got home because there is almost no point to calling them once they've started drinking. They are belligerent and mean and then they don't even remember that he called, so he gets no credit for it.

They sent him an email this morning wondering what was so important in his life that he couldn't call them.

He called just now and all I hear is, "But I was out campaigning! I was busy!"


  1. I would have said "I phoned but you were both hallucinating and talking gibberish and told me to never phone you again".

    1. Ha! I'm going to suggest that to him! He got yet another poison-pen email last night about another issue. They are horrible people.