Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday Oct 6 Samantha goes to work for Primo's friend in the next district

I've told you about MaryJane, right? She's running in the district adjacent to ours. She is also a political novice. She's a super heavy smoker and you can smell those two packs a day on her breath. I don't mind fresh cigarette smoke but stale, lodged in the lungs smoke? That's nasty.

She is also a serious drinker. "She drinks vodka on the rocks," Primo says. "That's what you drink when you just want alcohol in you."

She's my age but looks ten years older because of the smoking and the drinking. Still, she is amazingly energetic, running this campaign while she is still doing her full-time job.

So Primo fired Samantha, or he would have fired her except she quit the day he was going to tell her. The other candidate fired her.

Now MaryJane has hired her.

Primo and I are just shaking our heads.

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  1. Maybe she just wants a drinking companion.In which case she hired the right gal!