Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday Oct 7 Doing doors and meeting people

My door conversations.

1. Older lady (91): Is your husband a Polka Dot or a Stripe?

Me: He's a Polka Dot. I'm a Stripe.

OL: I'll vote for him.

Me: Thank you, ma'am.

OL: My husband was a Stripe. I used to tell him that he cancelled my vote. He would say that I cancelled his.

2. Me: Actually, we're a mixed political marriage, but I can tell you that he is a man of integrity who will work hard for all of his constituents. If he doesn't, he'll be sleeping in the guest room.

Woman: Mixed political marriage? That's worse than a mixed sports marriage! That's worse than having one person be a Bears fan and the other be a Packers fan. 

Me: I'm not sure about that. At least with politics, there is room for common ground. There is no common ground for the Packers and Bears fans.

Woman: You're right!