Monday, July 24, 2017

Ch 6 I message Stephanie to ask what has Sly annoyed

Me: What happened at T giving that S didn't want D to tell P about bc it might get back to you?

Stephanie: I have no clue other than the fact that I was exhausted. Why what r they saying?

Me: Nothing!  D said dinner was nice and S said something to her about not saying anything. So I was wondering.

Stephanie: Why do they always make issues?

Me: But maybe it's some stupid S thing.

Stephanie: He refused to help cut the turkey. I was so tired and regret inviting them.

Me: Because they are whiners and you are a saint to invite them! He refused to cut the turkey? Why? If you had told him he couldn't do it, he would have pitched a fit!

Stephanie: I asked him to cut it n he said no u are capable of cutting it yourself.

Me: Oh Lord. Whatever. You deserve a medal!

Stephanie: I am never inviting them again, they have a son here who doesn't give a crap about them...... I am done!!! Oh n they were upset that I made a cheesecake too.

Me: What? Who doesn't like cheesecake? And even if they don't like cheesecake, all they have to do is NOT EAT IT. Do you think that’s what Sly didn’t want Doris to say anything about? Because I am not seeing anything wrong with cheesecake!

Stephanie: I don't want or need drama in my life oh n I think they were upset bc the kids were home all week n didn't go n c them. It wasn't that they didn't want to eat it they said that they didn't know I was making a pie or they wouldn't have bought 2. Now I'm twisted!!!

Me: I guess the obvious question of why don't the kids want to see them has never crossed their minds. Jack told them why and they don’t believe him. Twisted person.

Stephanie: Lol should be twisted sister.  Lol

Me: Yes! You are my twisted sister!

Stephanie: Yes, I just don’t get them at all!!!

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