Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ch 7 I tell my sister that Sly and Doris are crazy people and she points out that I do not have to play this game and offers to send me drugs

Jenny: When are you guys going to get married?

Me: Divorce isn’t final.

Jenny: So you aren’t even married – you don’t even have a date set – and you are going to his mom and dad’s with him for Christmas?

Me: Yeah, I know. I’m an idiot.

Jenny: He better be worth it.

Me: He is. He said he would go alone. I feel sorry for him having to be around them. At least if I am there, he has a friendly face. They have just been so awful. After the email where they told him he was a bad son, he woke up the next morning and his first words were, “Why are they so mean to me?”

Jenny: What? You share a bed with him?

Me: I know. I am a hypocrite.

Jenny: They are mean. That is horrible.

Me: I know! I had no idea there were parents like that. I had no idea that we were so lucky to have good parents.

Jenny: Yeah, my boyfriends’ parents have always been nice, too.

Me: So I can suck it up for a week to make it easier for Primo.

Jenny: Plus you can get more material.

Me: Exactly. It’s not fun for me to be around them, but I am fascinated at how awful they are.

Jenny: Should I send you some Xanax? [1]

Me: Yes, please.

[1] I think that’s illegal but I don’t care.

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