Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ch 7 Doris puts flowers in the guest room for us and I am so, so happy that we have finally Turned the Corner

Me: Primo! Look!

Primo: What?

Me: Flowers! Your mom put flowers in the guest room!

Primo: So? You always do nice things for your guests. You put out the little shampoos and soaps so they don’t have to use used soap. You put flowers from your and bottled water and chocolate in the guest room and you buy orange juice and little yogurts, even though you don’t eat them.

Me: Because my guests might want them.

Primo: Right. So why would you be surprised that my mom put flowers in the guest room? My mom is a nice person.

Me: I don’t know. OK. You’re right. She is. I am just really happy to see them, that’s all, because it seems like maybe her attitude is shifting?

Primo: I knew once she got to know you that she would like you.

Me: OK. OK. That’s really nice. That’s really good – I want to be friends with your parents, but I will settle for being friends with your mom.

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