Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ch 7 Alternative conversation where Sly and Doris are mortified that we bring our own food and react appropriately

Primo: Mom, where should I put this stuff? We brought some lunch meat and some bread.

Doris and Sly: What? No! Oh, how we are shamed that guests in our home would think they need to bring their own food! We have a bounty here! Even though we ourselves do not partake of lunch, we do feed lunch to our guests! 

We have salmon and asparagus for you to grill tomorrow and hamburgers for after that. There is a big bowl of ripe pears, mangoes, and bananas on the counter and there are grapes and strawberries in the refrigerator. 

There is also Good Cheese and Good Lunch Meat in the fridge and Good Bread on the counter. The Good Chocolate is in a bowl in the guest room. 

Goldie, there is a 24-pack of canned diet Dr Pepper for you as well. In addition, we have Good Coffee for the morning, and, of course, half and half to go with it. Please eat what you want – we cannot bear the idea of a guest in our home being hungry.

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