Friday, July 28, 2017

Ch 7 Primo packs Cream of Shrimp soup, which costs four dollars a can, to take to Florida, which is so environmentally responsible – I applaud Sly and Doris’ commitment to sustainability

Me: Why are you packing soup in my suitcase?

Primo: Because it’s liquid and can’t go in my carry-on bag.

Me: No. Why are you packing soup, period?

Primo: Because my mom asked me to buy it.

Me: Why doesn’t she buy it?

Primo: She says she can’t find it there.

Me: She can’t find Campbell’s soup. In Florida?

Primo: That’s what she says.

Me: You’re telling me that there is not a single grocery store where she lives that carries this soup?

Primo: I guess not.

Me: So you have to go to the store to get this soup just so your mom doesn’t have to find it where she lives? And then you have to transport it a thousand miles? Doesn’t your mom care about the carbon footprint on those cans?

Primo: She says it’s really expensive down here.

Me: So she can find it down there.

Primo: Yes, but it’s expensive.

Me: Well it’s sure a lot cheaper for her[1] to have you buy it.

[1] It’s like four dollars a can! For soup! Processed food! For the environmentalist! And yes, I am the cheapest person in the world, but honestly – my mother is completely anal about paying me for anything I buy for her, to the point where it’s a little bit annoying. But I would rather say, “No! You do not need to reimburse me!” than to stew in Bitter Resentment, which appears to be the place I now go every time I have to interact with Sly and Doris.

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  1. Thank goodness for the blog they didn't know about! Stress relief at your fingertips.