Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ch 7 Behind closed doors, Primo and I talk about Doris’ proposed actions RE Fernando and I explain that going to church on Sundays, going to Sunday school, going to church social activities, being in the church choir, and being involved in the CYO do not necessarily make someone a horrible person unless you think I am a horrible person

Primo: I think she wants my approval to write that letter to Fernando.

Me: What do you think?

Primo: Well, I thought Fernando's letter was awfully churchy, too.

Me: No. What do you think about your mom's first response to Fernando’s letter being to criticize? And he’s not too churchy. Honestly – the things they do – Sunday school, church every Sunday, social events at the church – that’s how I grew up. My parents ran the Sunday school program. We had the priest over for lunch after Mass. I was in choir, I was in the Catholic youth organization. It is not a horrible way to live. I don’t think I turned out too bad.

Primo: I don't know. I'll talk to her.

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