Saturday, July 29, 2017

Ch 7 Doris complains about a Christmas card from Primo’s friend and volunteers to set the friend straight about his life, which is too dedicated to religion

Doris: Primo, your friend Fernando sent us a Christmas letter.

Me: That was nice of him. Primo said they have been friends since high school. He sent Primo a letter, too. I read it before we came here.

Doris: I haven’t seen him since Primo was in college.

Me: That’s really nice that he is keeping up with you.

Doris: His letter was too much about religion! His life is too involved with the church. I am going to write back to him to tell him he and his family are getting too entangled in religion and that they are too focused on the church.

I look at Primo. He makes an almost imperceptible shake of his head.

I keep my mouth shut.

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