Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ch 12 And we get married and live happily ever after, right?

Pastor Gail and Father Joe share the pulpit at Primo’s little cinderblock Lutheran church, with Pastor Gail performing the ceremony and Father Joe giving a short sermon, which is my favorite kind. Primo and I stand in front of the altar for the entire ceremony, which meant that I feel every inch of my very cute but very high-heeled black patent peep toe pumps.

When Father Joe says, “member of the body of Christ,” Primo and I look away from each other, biting our lips to keep from laughing.

“He said ‘member!’” I mouth at Primo when I look at him again.[1]

My brother caught my eye. “Mawwiage!” he mouths.

Fifteen minutes later, we are married. My mom takes photos. My sister takes photos. My brother takes photos.

Sly and Doris, who have a camera, sat in the pews. They do not take photos. They don’t even ask to be in the photos anyone else is taking and I sure don’t suggest it because I am not interested in photos of Sly and Doris.

My mom, Dr. J, and Pastor Gail talk about Norwegian immigrant life on the prairie, family history research, and Lutherans, of which my mom's father was one. Primo talks to Father Joe. Greg and Jenny talk to me.

Sly and Doris sit in the pews and don’t talk to anyone.

[1] Yes, he is 12.

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