Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ch 12 My family listens to Primo sing and of course they LOVE him, which is not hard to do because 1. They love Primo and would love anything he does and 2. He can sing really well

Jenny: We need to go out. It’s too early to go to bed.

Me: Let’s go to karaoke. You guys can hear Primo sing.

Greg: That sounds like fun.

My mom: What’s going on?

Me: Greg, Primo, Jenny, and I are going out to the bar where Primo sings. I guess we’ll see you in the morning.

My mom: I want to hear Primo sing!

I avoid looking at Sly. This, my friend, is the proper reaction to an invitation to hear your son sing.

Me: We might be out for a while. Are you sure?

My mom: Dr. J and I can take his car so we can leave when we want. One song, then he’ll drop me off here and go to his hotel.

We got to the bar and surprise - it is horribly smoky. Awful. One of the main reasons I don’t like to go out with Primo is that I hate cigarette smoke. At least, I hate stale cigarette smoke inside an unventilated building. I love fresh cigarette smoke in the fresh air and fully intend to start smoking when I am 70 and already have wrinkles. It looks like fun.

Mom and Dr. J take one step inside the bar and say, “We’ll just wait in the car until it’s Primo's turn to sing.”
Men love my sister.

Me: I’ll let you know when he’s on.

Despite the dense cigarette smoke, the bar is not busy.

(Not being busy) + (my hot sister flirting with the guy running the karaoke show) = (Primo gets to sing right away)

Jenny – our secret karaoke weapon. I summon my mom and Dr. J.

Primo sings Easy, which is his go-to impress people song. It works. People are impressed.

My mom: Wow! He sings beautifully!

She gives him a big hug.

My mom: You’re really good!

She flips through the songbook. Dr. J buys a round of beers. The tattooed Native American guys with long ponytails and Harley hats playing pool next to us hit on Jenny.

Primo sings again. He can rock Delilah. Tom Jones is fabulous, but Primo is not too shabby.

Jenny takes the mike and sings a Cher song. She actually sounded pretty good. I didn’t know she could sing.

My mom looks through the songbook, taking notes. She has a list of songs for Primo to sing.

Then she decides she is going to sing herself. She pulls Dr. J’s arm and takes him to the microphone, where they sing, When I'm 64. That ship has sailed, but it was still sweet. Primo and my brother sing with them.

None of us, including my mom and Dr. J, leave until 1:15 a.m.


  1. I love that you have good memories like this of your wedding week!

    1. The parts with my family were great! I wish we had stuck to the plan of not inviting Sly and Doris! (We never did invite Ted - he just showed up. Not in this version, but in real life.)