Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ch 12 I show Primo my new and improved self and he proposes for real, although still not with a ring, which is good because I do not like wearing rings and an engagement ring for me would be a big fat waste of money

Primo: Wow!

Me: Don’t get used to it. There is no way I could re-create this look ever. I don’t have the skills or the patience.

Primo: You look good to me.

Me: Good enough to marry?

Primo: Maybe.

Me: Does that mean you’re going to propose?

Primo: I thought we had already agreed to get married. We did buy real estate together. We are somewhat committed.

Me: Yeah, but you never proposed properly. Propose already.

Primo: OK. Will you marry me?

Me: Do you have a ring?

Primo: No, but I have something better.

Me: What could be better than a ring? You already got me the Good Trash Can.

Primo: And I even paid full price because it never went on sale.

Me: What more could a woman want?

Primo: What about these?

He opens his desk drawer and pulls out a little box.

Primo: Open it.

Earrings. I lift one out of the box. A long silver strand is embedded with three tiny diamonds spaced along its length.

Me: They’re gorgeous!

Primo: Look at the other one.

The second earring is longer than the first one and contains four tiny diamonds.

Me: What are these?

Primo: I had them made from the diamonds from my first wedding ring.  You didn’t want an engagement ring and you don’t want a fancy wedding ring, but I wanted you to have something nice.

They were beautiful and environmentally responsible – a recycled wedding ring!

Me: Thank you. I love them.

Primo: You haven’t answered my question. Will you marry me?

Me: Oh! Well of course. I have to. I’ve already bought real estate with you.

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