Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ch 12 Sly and Doris finish all the booze they bought and start drinking our booze again

Remember that liquor Sly and Doris bought on Monday? That liquor of which I thought there would be leftovers to add to our liquor supply and I was happy about that, not because I care if we have cheap booze but because justice?

It is gone.


You read that properly.

It took them only four days to finish almost two liters of hard liquor.[1]

They have been drinking wine with supper every night, too. We calculate that they drink more than eight ounces[2] of hard liquor each per day, plus wine.

[1] Primo was at a doctor’s appointment with Sly once. The doc asked Sly how much he alcohol he consumed and Sly answered, “Oh, about one drink a day.” Primo almost fell out of his chair.
[2] Or something like that. The math gets weird with ounces – you know that.


  1. My doctor told me that whatever amount of alcohol (or drugs, or cigarettes) a patient claims to consume, she mentally doubles the figure. Not enough in this case.

  2. I'm comfortable admitting that I'm a bit of a drinker, and I like my whisky. But that makes a quarter litre of whisky a day per person, which is 10 units a day! And the typical recommendation is maximum 14 units a week...which is a little less than the 70 units they presumably managed each weekly.

    My brain is fusing as I try to even imagine drinking that much and functioning. Wow!

  3. My in-laws also said "One drink." But that drink was an 8 oz tumbler (gin for him, vodka for her) every day at 5. MIL was so paranoid about anyone knowing they drank so much that she didn't tell the hospital FIL was alcoholic when he was in the hospital from a stroke. And they thought the DTs he was going through were aftereffects from the stroke. When my wife got there and clued them in, they treated him correctly.

    And that's when MIL cut my wife off; because she had aired their dirty laundry. They never spoke again except for occasional calls from MIL to yell at her again for being an ungrateful daughter. I finally blocked her numbers.