Monday, January 14, 2013

Friday July 6 The loss of freedom

I passed my drug test so now I have an official job offer. I start Monday. As in, I lose my freedom on Monday.

I love Primo to death and I like his friends (well, most of them, except for the one who doesn't like me because I'm not Catholic enough), but having one of his friends visit this week, while I am trying to do everything I need to do before I start work, including savoring my last moments of goofing off, has been a wee bit stressful for me. You couldn't ask for a better houseguest, so that's not the issue. It's just that being a hostess is not top of mind for me right now.

I have turned into a cranky bitch.

Primo found out that in the last election, this district went 62% Stripes.

He'd better get out and start knocking on doors.


  1. The suspense of what happens next is killing me!

    1. Thanks, Ms M! What a nice compliment!