Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sunday July 8 I don't want to play referee

Did I mention that a Stripes friend of mine, whom Primo has met once, wants Primo to clarify something Primo wrote on his candidate facebook page? My friend wrote,

Okay, I generally agree with not signing pledges. However, I would then like you in this post to then follow that up by stating your position on taxes rather than slam your opponent. I want a debate on ideas and while that pledge doesn't do much to facilitate debate, neither does unsupported blanket statements of "caused tremendous damage...." and not outlining your thoughts on the issue of taxation.

Primo wants to be all "Did you see what he wrote?!" with me and I'm all, "1. Yes I saw it, 2. what's wrong with it, and 3. he's a voter in your district so don't you think you should answer the question?"

And then I'm all, "Leave me out of this. I don't want to argue about my politics with you and I certainly don't want to argue about someone else's politics with you."

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