Friday, January 18, 2013

Wednesday July 11 The third day

My new boss told me on my first day that we don't get paid for hours we work past 40.

Which I thought, "Duh. That's because we're exempt from being paid for overtime because we are so highly compensated."

That's a joke. But I wrote it with a straight face.

He said it in the context of explaining the group's hours to me. Some people come in at 7, some at 8, some a little later. "But we don't get paid for any hours we work more than 40," he said.

At the time, I took it as a joyful thing: that he was letting me know, without saying in so many words, that I would not be expected to work more than an 8-hour day.

Which would be very, very nice, as I have not worked under that expectation since 1989. Which, incidentally, is the last time I was paid the salary I am making now, only when I was making the salary back then, I did not have the education or experience to do the job for which I have been hired. Also, I had insurance for which I paid none of the premium and charged a $5 copay for office visits and drugs. Now, Primo and I together have a $5,000 deductible before anything kicks in. So really, I am making [my salary - $5,000] or at least potentially [my salary - $5,000].

So yeah. Lousy pay, lousy benefits. What can you do?

At least you can not have to work late.

But now I am worried that he told me that as a warning - that even though I will be expected to put in the late hours, I shouldn't expect any OT.


  1. Let me not insult you... but changes in the definitions of "exempt" no longer allow an employer to decide that anyone who makes more than $X is exempt. Most computer programmers who make in the $100,000's are NOT exempt. From what you have said about your job, i doubt that you are ... under the legal definition.

    You don't supervise anyone, nor do you make decisions on behalf of your company - right? Your boss may be very wrong.

    In 20+ years of HR, its one of the most abused policies that i see.

    Just a thought.

    1. Webb, I wish. Although I do not supervise anyone, I do make decisions about accepting or terminating licensees. I don't sign the contracts, but my boss signs whatever I ask him to sign. Does that count?

      If I am not exempt from OT, does that mean I can be paid for the 13 hours I will be spending on a plane next month as I make (yet another) trip to the Middle East? Because I would love to claim that.

      PS Do you read the "Ask a Manager" blog? I LOVE THAT BLOG!