Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tuesday July 3 Messaging

"If I take the bus to work and we don't buy another car, you can position yourself as a green candidate," I said to Primo.

"But I'm not a green candidate," he said. "Samantha is working on crafting a message for me. She wants something centrist. She suggested I say something about 'holding the line on taxes.'"

If I had been drinking something at that moment, I would have snorted it out of my nose. Fortunately, we were in bed and not at a fine restaurant. We don't usually drink in bed, so liquid emerging from my nose wasn't an issue.

I laughed. "You have never once, not since I met you, mentioned anything about holding the line on taxes! If anything, you say, 'Make them higher! Tax the rich!'"

"I know," he smiled. "That's why I told Samantha it wouldn't work."

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