Saturday, January 19, 2013

Monday July 30 Plans change again

Primo: Did you want to go to the fair to see J's band on Thursday or did you just want to go to the fair?

Me: I thought we already had it planned to go on Thursday. You were going to pick me up from work and we were going straight to the fair. That's when J's band is playing and I wanted to see them there. 

Primo: Yes, but at the [some interest group] interview this morning, one of the people lives over in Atlas Park.

Me: Which is in your district.

Primo: And she wanted to know if I had been to any of the free Thursday concerts in the park. [This concert not to be confused with J's concert at the fair.]

Me: You haven't. I put them all on your calendar six weeks ago.

Primo: There are only two more.

Me: So?

Primo: So I think I should go on Thursday.

Me: But that's when we're going to the fair.

Primo: We can go some other time.

Me: But that's when I wanted to go.

PS Politics means that what the spouse wants doesn't matter.


  1. If there are two more free concerts why not go to the last one? Then you could still have gone to the fair to see J's band.

    1. I don't remember why the second free concert wasn't an option. I just remember that all we did during the campaign was fight. I am surprised any marriage survives a campaign.