Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tuesday July 10 Second day of work

My second day of work was not as bad as the first. For one thing, my feet don't hurt so much. Either I am getting used to high heels or the Ferragamos are more comfortable than the Bruno Maglis.

But Primo and I fought last night and we were both cranky and I felt guilty about being cranky because why shouldn't I work? Why should Primo be the only breadwinner in the family? I am educated and able bodied. I should contribute, especially now that there is something else he wants to do.

But who's going to do the cooking? Who will clean the house? Who will let the cats out during the day?

This is not going to be easy.

It's probably only going to get harder as the campaign activity gets underway.

He stayed up all night working on work and on his campaign positioning statement.

He might not do so well at my new workplace, where the employee manual says that one of the possible reasons for termination is excessive sleeping on the job. They probably wouldn't care that he'd been up all night.


  1. You know... I used to feel that way about "who will do this?" "who will do that?" And my place looked like an episode of 'Hoarders' in the making. I said something to a friend one day, and she told me about a person and a website called Flylady, which helps declutter and set up easy routines to keep your house clean.

    The site is a little goofy, but it made a world of difference in me being able to manage keeping two households clean and organized now, with work and classes.

    And my mindset has changed. I never feel like 'this isn't fair, I cleaned the toilet the last four times'. Now I think, "ah, a nice clean toilet for me to enjoy.." :D :D :D

    So when I clean... I do it for me. Not anyone else.

    1. LBD, I am getting used to a house that isn't as clean. But I do like a clean shower, as anyone who reads this blog knows. I am not willing to compromise on the bathroom. You're right - it's for me.