Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday July 14 We fight again about going to a protest vs going to a church festival

Our house is full of cranky people. I am cranky because all of a sudden, I have lost 50 hours a week I used to have for goofing off. No, I am not asking for sympathy. I know it is the normal state of the world that people work. It's been a really good run for the past six years. It was good while it lasted.

Primo is cranky because he is trying to complete interest group surveys, which keep showing up in the mailbox, because he has his job job to do, and because he is running for office.

And, of course, because his parents keep dumping on him, telling him that they have nobody else to vent to, a sad state of affairs for a couple who have been on earth for a while. Shouldn't they have friends by now? And even if they don't, does that give them the right to whine, whine, whine to Primo?

So we are both cranky.

Last night, Primo got an email from the county Polka Dot chair. A Stripes candidate was to speak this morning in Primo's district and the chair wanted Primo to go to a protest at the speech. Primo was not happy about this, but he needs the PD county chair on his side, so he went.

I thought it was stupid to go to another candidate's speech just to protest. What a big fat waste of time. It's not like the people who are there to hear the candidate will be swayed to change their opinion by protests.

But it wasn't that bad. Primo was the only Polka Dot there. He did not chant or protest. Instead, he was interviewed and is supposed to be on the TV news tonight. We shall see. If he is, that would be good exposure.

That's not what the fight was about.

The fight came about because at 5:00, as I was walking out the door for church, he came downstairs to tell me that Samantha thought he was going to a church festival tonight. I had put all the church festivals in the district on his gmail calendar.

I told him I thought he should go. He pointed out that he had already planned to go to some Polka Dot protesty thingy tonight. I noted that going to a Polka Dot protesty thingy out of the district was not as strategically important for his campaign as going to a church festival IN HIS DISTRICT. Where the key to winning will be MEETING VOTERS.

I might have had a bit of a snippy attitude when I said this.

Plus I think the protesty thingy is just dumb. They stand on overpasses and hang lighted signs once the sun goes down.

It seems very fraternity boyish to me.

Then he said that if he went to the church thing, he would not be grilling the steak for supper as early as I would want and what about that?

I said don't push this all on me, mister. If I say I don't want to eat late, you'll say see? you don't want me to campaign!

Then I rolled my eyes and said fine, go. We'll eat late.

I hate politics. I HATE POLITICS.

It was as I was walking to church, wondering how a simple conversation had turned so cranky so fast, that I remembered that he had spent an hour on the phone with his mom and dad this afternoon. That's enough to make anyone on edge.


  1. I hate it when tedious things start to snowball. Do you have a garden shed? Or a room in your house with specially padded walls?