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Sunday July 8 Photos for the campaign literature

I am feeling a bit sick to my stomach. A few months ago, Primo and I had photos taken by a professional photographer. I did it mostly to get my mother off my back. She always wants to take a photo of Primo and me right before she is leaving after having visited us. This is usually in the morning, before either of us has showered. She doesn't suggest taking the photo on the evening when we all get dressed up to go out to eat. No, it's always after we've loaded her car and she's about to pull out and I look like crap.

Not that I look so good the rest of the time. I am never photogenic. I hate having my photo taken. I never look good in photos. Or maybe I don't look good in real life and the photos merely mirror reality. Whatever. I don't want to have my photo taken.

But we had photos done and of the 120 shots, there are maybe two that I like.

Now Samantha says we need photos for campaign literature.

I don't know why they need photos with the candidate's wife. I would like to stay out of this whole thing.

Here is the email exchange between Samantha and the graphic artist. Read this and weep for the crap that is involved in a political campaign.

On Jul 3, 2012, at 11:59 PM, Samantha Giles wrote:

Hi Sergio,

Below you will find a link to professional photography for Primo. Within the next couple of days could you please look it over and let us know which shots you would like us to order. The ordering process takes a few days, so the sooner the better. Please keep in mind that Primo is limited to ordering proofs on 8 or so photos. Additional photos come at an additional charge.

Remember, we will need to convince a substantial amount of stripes to vote for him, so although I love the cat shots, the feline is more a liberal intellectual beast, whereas the dog is the "man's best friend".

My preferences and my amateur opinions:
  • #29 (goofy, playful)
  • #41 (traditional)
  • #48
  • #49 (in polka dot lit I'd stray from this as it is somewhat master (male) who is dominating the woman, but it might work well in the western suburbs)
  • #95 is my favorite, but Primo might be squinting too much?
  • #99 is really good, too, but with same squinting issue
  • #101 is REALLY artistically distinct from anything you see in typical lit, yet maybe too much so?? I like it.
  • #103 -- FEMINIST! I like this b/c Gold Digger looks tough and sexy. This sex appeal might be just the right amount of racy to hook some. Unfortunately, Primo looks a little high.
  • #107 playful yet serious. Primo in charge, but Gold Digger appears to be a trouble-maker (which makes Primo look tough enough to "handle" her)
  • #111 pretty cute, playful wife, man in charge (but we'd need to change the shirt color from coral to something more masculine)
Let me know if you have questions. And, for kicks, let me know if my comments resonated with your trained eye, or if I am bullshitting completely :)



From: Sergio Escobar <sergio@ymail.com>
Date: Sun, Jul 8, 2012 at 1:56 PM
Subject: Re: photos for Primo's door card
To: Samantha Giles <sgiles@gmail.com>
Cc: Primo <rimo@gmail.com>

Those suggestions are all fine. Some of the subliminal messages behind the images are hard to
get though; like, I never saw the feline as a liberal intellectual beast; I just thought of them as a lazy pet. 
We definitely need a mixture of both the serious side of Primo and the warm, goofy and inviting side.
If we include both sides, we can't go wrong in our attempt to connect to voters.

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