Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wednesday July 11 Fighting over who cleans up the living room after Primo's meeting

Primo and I had a fight. It was a stupid fight but we are both ticked about it.

He had a bunch of people over for a political thing.

I wanted nothing to do with it. Besides, I had a meeting at city hall. But he was going to serve peaches and vanilla ice cream, which here is my advice: don't serve sweets when you are serving booze because people don't eat sweets when they drink.

Anyhow, he asked if I would cut up the peaches before I left because he said he didn't know how to do it, which is such BS because HOW HARD IS IT TO CUT UP A PEACH?

I told him he was a big baby, but cut up the damn peaches. Which were not eaten. And have since turned to mush because I sprinkled them with lime juice so they wouldn't turn brown. They didn't turn brown, but they are mush.

When I got home from my meeting, there were still eight people in my living room. I passed through and went back into the kitchen. My hope had been that I would be able to put on my pjs and go to bed, but that was impossible while there were still people in my house.

They finally left by about 9. I told Primo I was going to go to bed and read my book. He was in the living room, typing madly. He looked at the chairs that needed to be moved back to the table and at the beer glasses sitting on the coffee table and said something about my helping.

I pointed out politely that I had left for work at 7 a.m. then had come home and gone straight to my meeting and that I had no interest in doing anything but getting into bed with my book, thank you very much, and that this was his event, not mine.

He got a little bit cranky and said it was not his fault that I had had a meeting and I said it wasn't MY fault that HE had had a meeting.

I said I was not the one who was running for office and this was not MY problem.

Then I thought, It would take less time to move the stupid chairs and take the glasses into the kitchen than it would to argue about this and I just want to be DONE.

So I spent five minutes cleaning up, but I am still ticked about it. I have told Primo that once his leave of absence starts - his boss approved it - that there will be no more crankiness. He will not have the excuse that he is doing a full-time job plus running for office. He chose this, it's his.

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