Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday Oct 7 If Primo had been in charge of the industrial revolution, we would all still be spinning our own yarn and tanning our own leather

Primo and I have been fighting over the yard signs. More specifically, over the production of the yard signs.

We have the blanks and the frames - we did not pay for someone else to assemble them because that would have been crazy expensive and we are not in the spending stupid money game here.

Here is what is involved in assembling a yard sign:

1. Fold the blank in half.
2. Slide the metal frame inside the folded blank.
3. Staple the top twice just outside the wire.
4. Staple the top once just inside the wire.
5. Repeat 3 and 4 for the other wire.
6. Staple the bottom twice just outside the wire.
7. Staple the bottom once just inside the wire.
8. Repeat 6 and 7 for the other side.
9. Staple the outside edges three times.

It's not rocket science.

It doesn't have to be perfect.

It doesn't have to be perfect.

But when I told Primo I would do it so he could take his shower and get on doors for an hour before the football game started - he plans to deliver signs during the game, he had to hover and watch me to make sure I was doing it right EVEN THOUGH IT'S ONLY STAPLING!

I hate being micromanaged.

I hate it.

"Go away!" I snapped. "There is no efficiency to be gained if you are going to watch me do this!"

"But I have to make sure you're doing it right!" he protested.

I wanted to smack him.

Am I unusual? Is there something wrong with me that sometimes I just want to smack the person I love? Is it unusual that sometimes, I wish I had never gotten married and that I could run my life MY OWN WAY without arguing about bedtime or how to spend free time? It was never my dream to spend my Sunday morning assembling yard signs. It was never my dream to have anything at all to do with politics or politicians. I want to vote in every election and then I want to move on. I do not want this to be my life.


  1. You're not unusual for wanting to smack him - but you are unusual in being able to restrain yourself from doing so! He'd be in a battered husband's refuge if he was married to me. Kidding! If he's like this now, what will he be like if he gets elected?

    1. If he's elected, he'll have a budget to hire staff, so I won't need to do any of this crap.