Monday, September 25, 2017

Ch 12 I hate it when Primo is right

Now that I am unemployed, I can go to the gym during the day. Maybe I will get in really good shape.

Oh I crack myself up.

Anyhow, I found a 9:00 a.m. weights class at the Y and have been going to that. Me, hanging with the yummy mummies and great grannies. It’s a completely different world from the 5 a.m. class I attended when I was working.

So I go to the gym and then I go to Walmart, which is not my favorite, but they have the best prices, although usually that’s because they are cheap made in China by slave labor products, so I don’t buy those. But for something I am going to pee on and then discard?

I want cheap.

Usually I need to pee ALL THE TIME.

But now? Peeing on demand? Not happening.

I drink a diet Dr Pepper (in a can) and wait.

While I am waiting, I go online and look at college prices.

If I am pregnant, I will strongly recommend that our child purse a career in plumbing or auto mechanics. Even in-state tuition is crazy high.

I finally need to pee. It’s hard to aim. This is a messy, messy process.


I wrap the stick in a paper towel and put it in Prmo’s bathroom drawer. He is coming home tomorrow. I will tell him then.

Except he calls. He can’t wait. He has to know.

He is excited. I am – not sure. We have just gotten an 18-year prison sentence.

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