Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ch 12 I tell Jenny that I am a gold digger

Me: Primo’s mom and dad told him I am marrying him for his money.

Jenny: Is he rich?

Me: No!

Jenny: Are they rich?

Me: Nope. And even if they were, they have already threatened to disinherit him, which they can’t do because he isn’t even in the will they have now.

Jenny: You’ve seen their will?

Me: Yeah, they gave a copy to Primo to keep in his files.

Jenny: Makes sense. Mom gave us each a copy a few years ago.

Me: Yeah, but she didn’t disinherit us.

Jenny: Well, you’ve always been a greedy money-grubbing bitch.

Me: I know, right?

Jenny: Isn’t that why joined the Peace Corps?

Me: Hey. That has been a path to riches for many people.

Jenny: They are nuts.

Me: I know. Their own son – and they don’t know why someone would be in love with him. So insulting.

Jenny:  You have spent time with them. You know what they’re like.  They should know that there is not enough money in the world to get someone to put up with them.

Me: Maybe ten million dollars. I would put up with them for ten million dollars.

Jenny: See! You are a gold digger! 

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