Sunday, October 1, 2017

Ch 12 After a week of his pleading, they are still unmoved. They are not coming and you know what? I am FINE WITH THAT

I DON’T CARE IF THEY COME TO OUR WEDDING! I don’t even want them here! They are not nice people!

But Primo cares. And he pulls out the Big Gun.

He tells them I am pregnant. And that if they ever want to see their grandchild, they will come to the wedding.

Which is sort of a lie.

No. Not “sort of.”

It is a lie. I have no intention of ever letting them around our baby. I have seen how they treat the grandchildren they already have – the angry, disapproving emails pointing out the kids’ flaws and their parents’ flaws. Michael and Maria don’t study hard enough. They don’t exercise enough. Their grammar is bad. They don’t take criticism well. They don’t save their birthday and Christmas money for college, spending it on electronics instead.

Remember the email they sent them about getting ready for college? Just in case you don’t remember, here it is again.

As I have observed, you always have had more than enough clothes, all the electronic gadgetry that was available, unlimited movies/videos and gaming programs. This was true despite the fact that your Dad couldn't meet the monetary needs of his family and that your Mom lost her employment as thousands of others have during this serious economic downturn. When people can't afford things, they have to understand they can't and act accordingly.

These people are not going to spend time with my child. They are not going to make my child feel like crap. The proper role of grandparents is to provide a warm lap, junk food,[1] constant encouragement, and a safe haven. It is not to berate a kid.

[1] My Grandma Helen was the source for Cap’n Crunch cereal and Frosty cream soda, which are both in food categories that my mother never bought for us: sweetened cereal and soda. My Grandma Sylvia didn’t cook but she bought the National Enquirer, which was junk of a different kind.

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