Thursday, October 5, 2017

Ch 12 I show Sly around the kitchen so they can make breakfast when they get up and not have to wait for Primo and me. That is, I show Sly where all the food is and tell him that they are welcome to eat it, even if it is all of the pickled herring or whatever it is that I ate all of that I wasn’t supposed to

Sly is still up, so I show him around.

“Let me show you where everything is in the kitchen,” I suggest, “so that when you guys get up,[1] you don’t need to wait for us. You are early risers and you’re still on Eastern Time. I don’t want you to be hungry in the morning, especially since you didn’t eat any supper tonight. Please help yourselves to whatever you want. If you can’t find it, please feel free to search for it.”

I show him

·         The cornflakes and the Grape Nuts and the Lactaid
·         The oatmeal, the sugar, the kettle, the measuring cups, the salt, the stove
·         The bread, the butter, the jam, the toaster
·         The plates, the bowls, the silverware, the napkins
·         The eggs, the frying pan, the spatula
·         The coffee, the coffee cups, the coffee maker
·         The oranges, the bananas, the apples

There. I have done my hostess duty. I am going to bed. Upstairs. In the guest room. Not in my own bedroom of my own house that I paid for.

[1] Praying that Doris wakes up.

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