Friday, October 6, 2017

Ch 12 And then I wonder why on earth I care if someone who threatened to boycott my wedding or who is married to someone who threatened to boycott my wedding but didn’t pass a secret message to Primo that don’t worry, she was on it, likes me

Do you do that? Do you try hard to be really nice to the people you can’t stand so they won’t know that you don’t like them?

Why? Why do that? I do that. I don’t get it. Why do I care about their approval? Would it be so awful for someone you DON'T LIKE to think badly of you especially when she has already said that she is not coming to your wedding and her son shouldn’t marry you? Yeah it's crazy.


  1. Mother spent 25 years worrying about what her in-laws thought of her and disliked them - well, at least her MIL - every single day. It wasn't pleasant for anyone. In a lot of ways you and Primo were lucky that it worked out the way it finally did.

  2. Not so crazy, really. I have said on AAM before, killing jerks and bullies with niceness 1) drives them crazy because they think they're not getting to you, and 2) makes it blindingly obvious to the rest of the world what a huge jerk they really are.

    Of course, there are some forms of verbal and emotional that we shouldn't have to put up with, but you can enforce boundaries without being nasty.

    In theory.